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Automated Medical Records Scanning Solutions for Hospitals

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Recognising the role of automated medical records scanning is the initial step towards accelerating consistent, safe, and efficient health care services and enable care virtual healthcare and virtual clinic strategy.

Over the years, managing health care records have tremendously improved. Health care professionals can now seamlessly monitor and handle volumes of records electronically. Time is precious when it comes to any situation involving the health and well-being of patients. Instead of rambling through the filing cabinet for hours, access to scanned patient records can streamline health care services.

Automated medical records scanning solutions provide efficiency and security for health care providers. It can provide a plethora of advantages to physicians, clinics, hospitals, and health care organizations. While improving the workflow plays a fundamental role in transforming patient care and safety.

Why Invest in Automated Medical Records Scanning Solutions?

Keeping up a steady workflow in a hospital setting can be challenging. It is considering all the pressure that comes into making sure that all the patients are getting sufficient care. With nearly every minute spent on essential tasks and emergencies, many overlook the solutions that can accomplish manageable tasks.

Unlike most commercial businesses, the healthcare industry is running behind in automated workflow. Almost 80% of the healthcare data are left unstructured and stored in filing cabinets. From clinical notes, test results, images, and patient data, clinicians tend to spend a significant amount of time retrieving data. Instead of focusing on what’s important, they take too much time looking for the information they need. This time could pose potential risks, especially if life is already on the line.

Investing in a medical record scanning solution can contribute to the speed and accuracy of handling patient data. Converting physical data into a digital medical record can eliminate coding delays and human errors. More importantly, it reduces the compliance risks associated with producing inaccurate, incomplete medical data.

Automated medical record scanning can integrate with your existing clinical data management software for seamless coordination and access to critical data. Not to mention, anyone authorized can access this information inside and outside the hospital. Health care providers can perform patient monitoring remotely with secure digital access to their medical records. This access accelerates all aspects of clinical care promoting timeliness, consistent communication, efficiency, equity, and safety.

How Does Automated Medical Records Scanning Work?

A medical records scanning solution can help medical professionals access information of incoming and old patients. They need to pull out the digital medical record to obtain complete information about every case. From the necessary patient information, diagnosis, treatment, tests, prescription medication to vitals, they can track patient data anytime and anywhere. You can update these records for every new encounter and check-up to ensure they get all the assistance and care necessary.

Here are some of the most valuable features of automated medical records scanning:

  • Automated Extraction of Medical Data: Healthcare providers can capture, classify, and access medical records regardless of format or type.

  • Automated Validation: Through the Patient Administration System (PAS), data crucial information about the patients’ medical history updates quickly.

  • Digital Medical Record System: There is no need for manual coding and transcription since hospital records are processed electronically.

  • Clinicians Can Update Medical Records Anytime and Anywhere: Physicians can retrieve digital medical records and incorporate progress notes from any device. Changes are implemented in real-time and can be viewed by referring clinicians.

  • Sustainability through Digital Medical Records: Hospitals can save time and money on printing and copying patient data.

  • AS 2828.2 compliant: Gathering digital medical records is relatively easier than compiling physical data. Thus, previous documents get archived within the clinical data management software for easy retrieval.

Hospital Processes That Benefit from Automated Medical Records Scanning

Putting complete reliance on the traditional, paper-based system to manage patient data can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Here are the hospital processes that can take advantage of medical records scanning solution:

Clinics & Ambulatory Care

Patient registration is streamlined considering that digital medical records are readily available, eliminating the need for double entry. Clinicians can access all of the information they need to provide all the patient needs.

Health Information Systems (HIS) Department

Automated medical records scanning allows the HIS department to handle volumes of data at a given time. It is much easier to compile, gather, and analyze digital medical records in a single cloud. You can seamlessly integrate healthcare information across various departments to relay crucial details about the patient.

It requires less work to monitor the entire patient journey with all the information presented in one platform. As a result, clinical documentation can be available in an instant.

Emergency Department

As previously mentioned, handling digital medical records is especially essential in emergencies. When life is on the line, clinicians would prefer to provide adequate care than searching for patient data. The paperless environment eliminates the need for filling out forms each time that patients visit.

Post-Acute Care

Offering rehabilitation and palliative services should not require filing multiple records for every session. To save time, clinicians can access the digital medical records to learn about the intensity of care individual patients need.


Handling all healthcare data within a clinical data management software reduces the operational costs on data entry and reproduction of records. The back-office team of the hospital can manage incoming information through its automating features. This management allows them to meet compliance requirements efficiently, claims management, and handle the rest of the back-office operations.

Benefits of Automated Medical Records Scanning

The main goal of automated medical records scanning is to provide solutions to the core processes of hospitals. From handling patient registration to updating the records during treatment, everything gets performed digitally.

That said, here are the benefits of medical records scanning solution that you can consider:


With large volumes of digital medical records accessible from inside and outside the hospital, healthcare providers can easily make crucial clinical decisions. Hospitals no longer need to have their staff type all of the details about the patient. Once it is incorporated into the system, clinicians can monitor and update them from time to time.

Improve Healthcare Management

Instead of wasting time searching for crucial patient information, everything they need is in a single system. This system further improves the clinical decisions and efficiency of healthcare services. At the same time, hospitals remain compliant, maintaining clinical coding accuracy.

Security and Integrity

Health facilities do not have to worry about the risks of storing sensitive patient information in clinical data management software. The system contains strong encryption that eliminates the risk of ransomware attacks and data breaches. For this reason, only the authorized personnel, including the patient’s doctors, nurses, and physician assistants, can access the digital medical records. It complies with the HIPAA privacy requirements and AS 2828.2 compliance standards, so patients are confident that their information is fully secure.

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