5 Ways Healthcare Technology Is Transforming Care In Australia

How Healthcare CRM Systems & Tech Is Transforming Care in Australia

Nalaka Withanage Healthcare Digital Transformation

Healthcare technology is transforming how we assess, treat and care for patients in Australia. From virtual appointments with specialists during the global pandemic to healthcare CRM solutions to optimise referrals,  hospitals and community care providers are using healthcare technology and electronic health records more than ever before.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways technology, software and apps are helping the healthcare industry in Australia to upgrade their level of care and become more consistent, efficient and streamlined.

Electronic Health Records & Knowledge Sharing

Paperwork is often a burden on healthcare professionals, and trying to decipher patient information from poorly written notes can be time-consuming and lead to mistakes. Things can become increasingly difficult when a patient requires medical attention in hospital, then seeks assistance from a specialist and finally requires on-going care in the community. Tracking down patient records can be tricky and without key information about the medication a patient is taking, previous medical history and background information about their case, care can be impacted.

Healthcare providers should be able to instantly access electronic health records to provide the best level of care possible. Using an app or healthcare CRM system, knowledge sharing within the healthcare industry can be possible. DC2Vue takes this a step further by allowing caregivers to submit a patient’s requests and care preferences to the platform, to make sure that the care they receive is what they want, and not simply what a care provider thinks is best. This level of autonomy in healthcare is something we should all be striving towards.

Scheduling & Healthcare CRM Solutions

Whether you’re a care home manager, a care-coordinator or a nurse scheduler, staff scheduling can be complicated, especially when you’re dealing with shift work. Making sure patients receive medical help and support at any hour of the day is an essential part of your role, but keeping your team up to date with late-minute changes to the schedule can cause problems and miscommunications. Healthcare technology empowers schedulers and can take medical staff scheduling online. Send out instant notifications of changes, updates and rota adjustments using a healthcare CRM system. Streamlining and automating this process will reduce mistakes, prevent conflicting schedules and allow instant communication between schedulers and care providers.

DC2Vue is a next-generation workforce collaboration tool that leverages smart scheduling to maximise service delivery and allows individuals to respond to changes on the go.

Digital Dashboards & Data To Improve Care

Healthcare CRM systems can be integrated with existing software such as EHR, PMS, and online patient portals. This makes it easy to upgrade your processes and offer a higher level of care to all patients. With automated analytics and reporting, you can use data to offer a better level of customer service too. Patients will be able to voice their concerns and provide feedback on their experiences, which allows you and your team to address any recurring issues.

A digital platform will also enable you to send invoices and email reminders regarding fees and outstanding medical bills. Rather than call a patient or their next of kin regarding payment, healthcare technology can make chasing payments less intrusive. This is particularly important in the medical industry when people are often going through a difficult and worrying time in their lives, and asking them to pay a bill can feel pretty awkward. Use intelligent automation to manage invoices, bills, compliance and to maintain a steady cash flow.

Efficient Patient Referral Management

When a patient is referred, this process can be managed more effectively by using a healthcare CRM such as DC2Vue. Being able to share and access electronic patient records as well as build up a long-term relationship with referring professionals, such as GPs and other primary care physicians will help your company to gain more referrals.

Creating a positive experience for a new referral starts with profiling and reading up on the patient’s notes. When you meet the patient, by using a healthcare CRM, you will already know why they have been referred and key information about their medical history. This eliminates the need for the patient to go over their previous conversations with the referring care provider and makes the referral process far more efficient.

Chronic Illnesses & An Ageing Population

Australia is predicted to have four million people aged over 65 by 2022, which will inevitably mean an increase in people living with chronic illnesses. Care for an increasingly ageing population calls for a more advanced, efficient and economical healthcare industry. As more people deal with long-term health conditions, community care is becoming increasingly important for society. Automation through healthcare technology will improve chronic disease management and allow notifications to be sent to both caregivers and patients. This can include appointment reminders, test results and recommendations concerning their lifestyle and diet.

To learn more about the benefits of using DC2Vue’s healthcare CRM to support and optimise your company and provide a higher and more consistent level of care, feel free to book a discovery call today.