Discover a complete Digital Platform for Continuity and Coordination of Care

With more than 6000+ users, DC2Vue® platform provides digital care coordination solutions, that spans across clinical, operational, and financial processes - allowing you to improve quality, safely and efficiency of health and community care service delivery.


Deliver high-quality, coordinated care in a single workspace

  • Smart Scheduling and Rostering
  • Manage and connect care teams
  • Simplify administrative workflows
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Manage & Connect multi-disciplinary mobile workforce

  • Manage schedule on the go
  • Access patient records at your fingertips
  • Secure access both online and offline
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Hospital management system with a single patient view

  • Empower clinical excellence through quality, safety and effciency
  • Enable compliance, supported by data
  • Maximise your EMR investment
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Complete patient portal software for virtual healthcare

  • Digital appointment scheduling
  • Enable remote patient monitoring
  • Integrated telehealth and virtual care
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Healthcare Management Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a healthcare management system?

    A healthcare management system (HMS) is a web based or computer system, which helps in easier and faster management of different functions of a healthcare organisation.

    With the right HMS, a hospital can significantly improve its efficiency in delivering healthcare services and can even help in reducing administrative costs and preventable errors.

  • What software is used in healthcare?

    But overall, a healthcare software will allow your organisation to integrate all information about doctors, staff, patients and other important parties into one platform.

    • Common features of a healthcare software includes:
    • Smart scheduling and rostering
    • Management and coordination of healthcare teams
    • Simplify administrative workflows
  • What is the best software for a hospital management system?

    The best software for a hospital management system is the one that is tailored to fit the organisation’s operational and clinical needs.
    While there are ready templates that you can use to digitally transform your workflows, it is ideal to use a healthcare management system that provides bespoke digital care coordination.
    Usually, the best software spans across clinical operational, and financial processes that allows you to improve quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare service delivery.

  • What is an ‘EHR software’?

    EHR refers to an ‘electronic health record’, which is an electronic or digital copy of a patient’s chart.
    Many Australian healthcare organisations are now using EHR software that contains the medical and treatment records of patients.
    Using an EHR software makes it easier and faster for the organisation to share vital information about a patient for treatment and administrative processes.