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DC2Vue® Plus gives you care coordination, workforce management, and engagement tools you need to create better patient outcomes

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All-in-one hospital management system with a single patient view

The challenges for medical and clinical healthcare organisations are complex, and ever changing. The operational and clinical pressures confronting Australian doctors, staff and hospital administrators are real - and growing. In addition to their ongoing core provision of care, providers are now grappling with the rapid adoption of virtual healthcare, and the rise of remote workforces. 

GOOD NEWS: patient management software has evolved to solve these challenges, at scale. DC2Vue® Plus is a cloud-based digital health solution that provides an easy way for medical administrators to enact organisational-wide digital transformation.


Send and Receive eRefferal & eDischarge summaries at your fingertips

Save time securely deliver relevant information when it’s most needed. Our integration with FHIR based provider directory and secure messaging do the hard work for you.


Electronic Patient Record (EMR)

Give clinical and admin staff immediate access to patient records with smart OCR scanning and machine learning technology. Improve your information flow and reduce admin costs with DC2Vue®.


Electronic Discharge Summary

Generate discharge summaries on demand, configure workflows, task lists and notifications with electronic sign-off features. EDS guarantees discharge summary completeness and handles electronic distribution to GPs and My Health Record.


Enhance patient engagement and improve communications

Engage patients anywhere through a mobile patient portal to enhance their experience while reducing administrative costs.

Powerful EMR Software. Simply Designed.

Assessment & Care Planning

Ensure continuity of care and a care plan that is reflective of the patient’s desired outcomes and goals

Billing, Claiming & Reporting

Use intelligent automation to resolve common revenue cycle management challenges under multiple funding models

Scheduling & Resource Management

Leverage smart scheduling to maximise service delivery and responding to changes on-the-go

Clinical Information Management

The timeline view ensures clinical, and admin teams have secure and flexible of access to patient records in real time, from any device at any location

Virtual Healthcare & Patient Portal

Connect your team so you can remote-collaborate, manage and track activities – wherever you are

Insightful Dashboards

Gain Visibility and Control of your processes using up-to-the-minute data-driven insights

Integrate your most important tools and data

Seamless integration with trusted tools and enjoy the connected experience

Integrate your most important tools and data

Seamless integration with trusted tools and enjoy the connected experience

Optimise clinical and admin workflows with DC2Vue

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