Discover digital health solutions that empower care teams to do more with less

Health and Community Care providers today are challenged to do more with less, potentially deal with stretched resources and require greater team collaboration than ever before. These challenges require solutions that are adaptable, a platform that enables processes to be streamlined. Discover fit-for-purpose care management solutions with a modern user-friendly interface that drive value with fast adaption.

DC2Vue® for Patient Management

  • Enable virtual healthcare and telehealth
  • 'One patient - One view' timeline
  • Engage with patients via virtual healthcare and telehealth
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DC2Vue® for Allied and Community Health

  • Deliver high-quality coordinated care at scale
  • Manage and connect care teams
  • Automate billing, claiming and reporting workflow
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DC2Vue® for Aged and Disability Care

  • Manage and connect mobile workforce
  • Smart scheduling and rostering
  • Deliver services under NDIS, HCP, CHSP, DVA and more
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DC2Vue® for Mental Health Case Management

  • Start virtual care, effortlessly
  • Boost care team efficiency
  • Manage everything in one workspace with improved data quality
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Best Clinic Management Software: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is clinic management software?

    Clinic management software refers to computer programs or digital systems used by clinics or care organisations to streamline their service delivery workflows. 

    By using the power of digital technology, an ideal clinic management software can easily coordinate multidisciplinary healthcare teams for more efficient work management. 

    A clinic management software can be used to improve internal systems and deliver better care services to patients.

  • What are the benefits of upgrading care management software?

    Here are the benefits of upgrading care management software: 

    • More efficient scheduling and rostering system

    • Faster care coordination

    • More accurate billing and claims processing

    • Better healthcare compliance 

    • Reduce errors and administrative costs with simplified invoices and claims in one platform

    • Provide your staff and patients with real-time access to key information such as budgets, care plans etc.

  • When to use a digital platform for care management?

    Your organisation needs to use a digital platform if you are experiencing the following: 

    • Your appointments system is a mess with increased errors and disorganised scheduling

    • Your staff and patients failed to receive key information required to make decisions

    • Errors are sky high due to inefficiencies in the administrative processes

    • Operational costs are high because or obsolete procedures and redundant workflows

    A digital platform for care management can help you improve internal systems and quality of your care services. 

  • What is digital care?

    Digital care refers to proactive use of programs and computer systems in healthcare settings to streamline workflows and improve the quality of care. 

    By using the power of digital technologies, digital care makes it easier to coordinate different teams in a healthcare organisation. 

    Digital care transformation can significantly improve internal systems (reduction of errors and administrative cost) and provide better patient services (faster access to medical records, accurate billings, streamlined insurance claims processes, etc).