Fit-for-purpose mental health EMR for team-based care

  • Complete Electronic client record
  • Paperless assessments and task workflow
  • Automate statutory reporting

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Optimise care team efficiency and patient outcomes

Increasingly complex administrative tasks along with the documentation and paperwork associated with mental health care delivery creates a burden on care delivery teams. Care teams need smarter solutions for simplified and automated processes to boost efficiency and reduce safety risks. Built as a user friendly and configurable system, DC2Vue® makes care coordination, team collaboration, patient record management a breeze while meeting federal and state government reporting requirements.


Coordinate patient care in one single workspace

Establish standardised care pathways which identify an appropriate sequence of actions, timeframes, goals and expected outcomes for better client experiences.


Smart Scheduling and Access

Ensure timely well co-ordinated patient engagement, review and follow-up in the community based on care needs, preferences, and goals.


'One patient - One view' Timeline

For patients with different needs at different stages of recovery; from early intervention and prevention, inpatient care, rehabilitation and community transition support.


Integrated Telehealth

Accelerate early intervention, follow-up care and peer support using integrated mobile telehealth features.


Powerful features. Simply Designed

Intake & Referral Management

Manage and Track incoming and outgoing referrals with dashboards & national provider directory integration

Assessment & Care Planning

Ensure continuity of care and a care plan that is reflective of the patient's desired outcomes and goals

Patient & Case Management

Manage workload effectively with dynamic resource and service management

Clinical Information Management

The timeline view ensures clinical, and admin teams have secure and flexible of access to patient records in real time, from any device at any location

Virtual Healthcare & Patient Portal

Connect your team so you can remote-collaborate, manage and track activities - wherever you are

Insightful Dashboards

Gain Visibility and Control of your processes using up-to-the-minute data-driven insights

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Connected care on a single platform

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If you would like more information or see a demo of DC2Vue®, leave your details here.

Connected care on a single platform

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If you would like more information or see a demo of DC2Vue®, leave your details here.