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5 High-Value Hospital Processes
to Enhance your Digital Health Strategy

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Modern healthcare is at a crossroads. In one direction - endlessly increasing demand and complexity. In the other - higher costs and shrinking budgets. We’ve walked both of these paths and tried what feels like every permutation of possible tracks towards sustainable, safe, economically viable healthcare.

It is time to look beyond outcome measures and consider how healthcare process improvements can improve the system, support clinicians to work efficiently and ensure safe healthcare is accessible to all who need it.

We propose that five key workflows enhance the patient experience and support health professionals to provide the best care available.

These processes are:

• Referral Management process
• Clinician Order Entry process
• Discharge Planning and Summary process
• Health Information Management
• Clinical Coding and Billing process

Each of these workflows will be explored in this white paper from the perspective of clinician engagement, administration demand, and patient experience.

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