Deliver better patient outcomes, more efficiently

  • Integrated electronic patient record across acute and community
  • Establish and maintain effective clinical and admin workflows
  • Improve communication between multidisciplinary care teams
  • Better patient engagement and operational performance

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Data-Driven solution for continuity and coordination of care

Is your patient management system working hard enough? Does it allow your care team to focus on what matters the most to your service over mundane and repetitive administrative tasks? DC2Vue® brings patient information to the fore, lending to its accessibility via modern web and mobile devices to ensure multidisciplinary team care coordination both inside and outside of care provider organisations. Embodying modern-day technological advancements, DC2Vue® was crafted to act as a modular care management platform. It overlays every module with automation and insights delivering a highly innovative and delightful end user experience. It features a “one-patient, one-view” timeline, clinical documentation, smart scanning and simplified workflow. The platform is both interoperable, extendable and designed to take advantage of Data, Automation, Cloud & AI technologies. This provides care providers with a fast, flexible platform that is responsive to changing business dynamics.


One patient - one view timeline

Save time and slash waitlists with efficient management and tracking of all incoming and outgoing referrals. Our smart dashboards and integration with national provider directory do the hard work for you.


All-in-one workforce management, without the chaos

Gain better control and visibility over team schedules and rostering to keep everything more organised.


Free yourself from paperwork with our eReferrals & eDischarge summaries

Generate discharge summaries on demand, configure workflows, task lists and notifications with electronic sign-off features. EDS guarantees discharge summary completeness and handles electronic distribution to GPs and My Health Record.


Enhance patient engagement and improve communications

Engage patients anywhere through a mobile patient portal to enhance their experience while reducing administrative costs.


Powerful features. Simply Designed.

Assessment & Treatment Planning

Ensure continuity of care and a treatment plan that is reflective of the patient's desired outcomes and goals

Insightful Dashboards

Gain Visibility and Control of your processes using up-to-the-minute data-driven insights

Scheduling & Resource Management

Leverage smart scheduling to maximise service delivery and responding to changes on-the-go

Clinical Information Management

The timeline view ensures clinical, and admin teams have secure and flexible of access to patient records in real time, from any device at any location

Billing, Claiming & Reporting

Use intelligent automation to resolve common revenue cycle management challenges.

Virtual Healthcare & Patient Portal

Connect your team so you can remote-collaborate, manage and track activities - wherever you are

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Connected care on a single platform

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If you would like more information or see a demo of DC2Vue®, leave your details here.

Connected care on a single platform

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If you would like more information or see a demo of DC2Vue®, leave your details here.