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A One-Stop Solution for Patient Communication & Engagement

Now, more than ever, patients are relying on patient portal software to interact with their providers. Many patients are more comfortable engaging with providers online. It’s likely this is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity as physicians continue to become more accessible with new channels of communication and engagement. DC2Vue® Connect is bringing you and your patients closer with mobile patient portal. It’s more than just a communication system, it’s an engagement system, designed to handle a variety of administrative tasks that might be eating up your time. As a result, you and your team can focus on more personalised care and give your patients exactly what they deserve.


Enable Easy Access to All Appointment Details

Our software will put your patients in the driver’s seat, allowing them to fill out pre-registration forms, request first-time or follow-up visits, and complete other self-service options that will cut down on lengthy phone calls and free up your staff while streamlining appointments.


Compliant, AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots are designed to make each patient’s interaction in the portal easier and more comfortable. The chatbots can provide everything from educational materials to electronic consent forms, so you don’t have to track down your patients to get that information. They can also provide your patients with treatment instructions through the portal, so there is no confusion as to what they need to do.


Enable Remote Patient Monitoring

Being able to monitor your patients remotely makes life easier for everyone. It eliminates the limitations of only monitoring them in your office. Instead, they can be in the comfort of their own home or any other remote area. That gives them increased access to the care they may need without tying up your facilities.


View Account Statements and Pay Bills

Most patients appreciate being “in the know” when it comes to their billing statements. The portal allows them 24/7 access to their account statements so they can either pay invoices or set up payment plans that work for both of you.


Patient Portal Software That Saves You Time and Resources

Patient Feedback

You will always have an inside look at past appointments history and patient feedback for service improvement


Engage patients and keep them informed with accelerated, easy-to-use educational materials and resources

Electronic Consent

The simplified eConsent process makes it easy for patients to sign in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their own home.

Refill or Request Prescriptions

No more patients waiting around for prescription refills. A streamlined refill process will boost the patient experience and free up your time.

Automated Reminders & Notifications

Cut down on no-shows and save time, money, and resources with automated SMS push notifications.

Connect With EMR

The portal features a PAS and EMR agnostic interface, so it can seamlessly integrate with your current clinician portals.

Best Patient Portal Software: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a Patient Portal Software?

    Patient Portal Software is an all-in-one solution for patient engagement and communication, which transforms the patient portal experience through simplified, secure and user-friendly features all on a single platform.

  • Why you need patient portal software?

    Patient portal software offers a complete end-to-end solution that helps to encourage better patient-doctor relationships and give patients more control over their healthcare. They are able to have direct access to their personal medical information, quickly set up appointments, communicate more easily with doctors via telehealth, request prescription refills, view educational materials, pay bills online and more. This enables patients to better advocate for themselves and become more actively involved in their care.

  • How does patient portal software Work?

    Patient portal software is a secure online platform that requires a computer or smartphone device, and an internet connection to use it. The patient will be required to first register for an account, they will receive their secure username and password and instructions on how to access and use the portal. They will need to use their username and password to log into the secure portal, where they will be able to have access to their medical information, get in touch with their healthcare provider, receive reminders and alerts, request prescription refills, view educational materials, pay bills online and more.

  • Does the patient portal support telehealth?

    Yes, DC2Vue Connect patient portal software provides patients with the ability to conveniently connect with their doctors and health care providers via telehealth appointment scheduling.

  • Does patient portal software connect to existing EMR?

    Yes, DC2Vue Connect patient portal is part of DC2Vue care management suite. It can also be integrated with existing EMR systems via HL7.

  • How do patients log in to the patient portal?

    Patients can log into the patient portal using a unique username and password.

  • Does the patient portal come with a mobile app?

    Yes, Patients can use web browser or iOS/Andriod App to interact with patient portal.

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