VINAH Reporting Automation

Nalaka Withanage Product Updates

DC2Vue is delighted to launch its latest reporting module addition to their cutting edge care coordination suite – VINAH reporting.

With DC2vue v3.9, the company is now enabling public hospitals to perform VINAH reporting easily and effectively. Understanding the cumbersome process healthcare providers must go through to report VINAH or Victoria Integrated Non-Admitted Health data to the Department of Health, DC2vue developed the new feature to help save money and time for the hospital staff.

VINAH is the data maintained by the Department of Health & Human Services on non-admitted services in Victoria to provide funding to Victorian public hospitals and support health services in terms of policy formulation, planning, and epidemiological research. Every public hospital requires to provide data and information to VINAH that is overwhelming for health care providers due to the complexities in data collection and reporting that needs to be done across many departments, programs and teams.

VINAH reporting demands dataset collected from the following programs

  • Family Choice Program (FCP)

  • Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN)

  • Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)

  • Hospital-Based Palliative Care Consultancy Team (HBPCCT)

  • Medi-Hotel, Specialist Clinics (OP)

  • Palliative Care (PC)

  • Post-Acute Care (PAC)

  • Residential In-Reach (RIR)

  • Subacute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS)

  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

  • Transition Care Program (TCP)

  • Victorian HIV Service (VHS)

  • Victorian Respiratory Support Service (VRSS)

DC2Vue creates an HL7 submission file for uploading the collected data and viewing the DHHS response file. Thus, the VINAH reporting feature of DC2Vue helps hospitals reduced the amount of manual work involved with data collection and data entry significantly while improving data accuracy and quality. Taking traditional VINAH reporting to the next level, the feature has the capability to transform the VINAH reporting process for Victorian public hospitals.

Notably, clinicians have reported feeling burdened by the reporting demands of client information management systems —responsibilities that take away from their time and focus on patients. At DC2Vue, we worked hard to get the right balance between clinicians user experience and reporting requirements” Nalaka Withanage, CTO of DC2Vue said.

DC2Vue provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution for clinical, operational, billing & claiming and workflow management delivering the best solution for outdated monolithic health care management systems in Australia. The company believes Modern Electronic Hospital record management could be it way simpler than in monolithic EHRs- Which has inefficient data entry capabilities, storage platforms and dated interfaces that demand excessive mouse clicks to perform even the simplest task. Thus, DC2Vue has made its sole mission to provide health care providers with the best modern features with innovation and functionality.

Today DC2Vue solutions includes DC2Vue, DC2Vue Plus, DC2Vue Go and DC2Vue Connect  which are used across the continuum of the health care industry in Australia, including inpatient ambulatory and home and community-based services.

The forward digital care solution provider continuously dedicates themselves to introducing many new features through research and data for their clients to help them ease their day-to-day workload, thus giving them more time to focus on what matters the most in their industry- improved patient care and patient care outcomes. The company believes their newest feature in VINAH reporting is a help to all their users across Victoria.

Over the years, many hospitals have trusted DC2Vue to streamline their hospital’s operations. And you can too. Get in touch with DC2Vue for more details.