When comparing a care management software in Australia, what warning signs should I be aware of?

Nalaka Withanage

Investing in care management software helps to define the future growth of your organisation. This means ensuring that when you hire a care management software provider, you are able to have the best people with years of experience working with you, to help maximise the quality of care that you provide to your clients, as well as make it easier for your care workers to focus on what matters most.

Hiring the wrong software provider is bad for your organisation, as it will slow down and complicate your daily tasks, which can lead to having stressed-out care workers who might provide low quality of care to your clients.

Make sure to be wary of software provider who show any of these warning signs:

• Overhyped promises
• Projections that are too good to be true
• No real interest in your organisation model or clients
• Lack of enthusiasm for your project
• Long term, onerous contracts
• Numerous bad reviews online