DCE Proudly Announces Platinum Sponsorship of Mental Health Access & Quality in Emergency Departments Conference Melbourne – June 2023

Nalaka Withanage Digital Health, News

Data Capture Experts (DCE), a leading healthcare software solutions provider, is honoured to announce its platinum sponsorship of the upcoming Mental Health Access & Quality in Emergency Departments Conference. This event aims to address critical issues related to mental health care in emergency departments and foster collaboration among industry professionals.

DCE's decision to sponsor this important conference stems from its commitment to improving mental health care access and quality in emergency departments using fit-for-purpose technology. With an increasing number of mental health patients presenting to EDs, overcrowding has become a significant concern. This can lead to longer waiting times, reduced privacy, and heightened stress for both patients and staff.

The lack of effective communication and coordination between EDs and other mental health care providers can result in fragmented care, where patients may not receive the necessary follow-up treatment and support. Our Triage, Referral, and care coordination modules are specifically designed to transform the care model via improved community service engagement and care pathways.

Effective care coordination in mental health leads to fewer visits to emergency, reduced hospitalisations, shorter hospital stays and better preventative management. By sponsoring the event, DCE aims to support the ongoing efforts to enhance the care and support provided to patients experiencing mental health emergencies.

"We are excited to be a part of this important conversation and contribute to the advancement of mental health care in emergency departments," said Leanne Anderson, Account Director of DCE. “As we continue to face the growing demand for mental health services, events like this serve as a critical reminder of the need for ongoing dialogue, innovation, and collaboration to improve mental health care for all. This conference brings together experts from various fields to share their knowledge and best practices, and we look forward to learning and collaborating with fellow attendees."

DCE invites all conference attendees to visit its booth, where representatives will be available to discuss the company's innovative solutions and services designed to improve mental health care in emergency departments. Attendees can also learn about the company's latest tools and strategies that can be implemented to enhance patient outcomes and streamline clinical workflows.

To learn more about DCE and its dedication to improving mental health care access and quality, please visit the company website at www.dc2vue.com.au