DC2Vue Integrates with HealthLink to amplify EHR Interoperability

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DCE is pleased to share that its leading EHR platform, DC2Vue, is now integrated with HealthLink. With over 15,000 connected medical organisations, HealthLink remains the most extensive and reliable Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Network in Australia. This promising collaboration propels patient data management and sharing to new heights, creating an unmatched seamless experience in the healthcare landscape.

This pivotal integration amplifies DC2Vue's interoperability and adherence to digital health standards, driving efficient and secure patient data management and communication.

A key advantage of this integration is the enhanced ability to send referrals and receive electronic reports, including radiology, pathology reports, discharge, and event summaries directly within DC2Vue EHR. This translates to a more connected, transparent, and swift healthcare process, thereby enabling medical providers to deliver timely and efficient patient care.

In addition, the integration simplifies the process of electronic referral submission. Health service providers now have an easy, instant means to submit referrals to a rapidly growing list of hospitals and government agencies. This ensures streamlined, efficient communication that saves valuable time and resources while boosting the quality of care.

One of the standout features of this integration is enhanced searching capabilities across multiple secure messaging providers. Through a federated national health service provider directory service via FHIR APIs, healthcare providers now have the ability to search with greater precision and ease. This leads to more efficient navigation and utilisation of resources, enhancing the overall quality of care.

DC2Vue's integration with HealthLink's Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Network is pivotal in ensuring data confidentiality and integrity. Healthcare providers can rest assured, knowing that all patient information is securely encrypted, with message receipts acknowledged, thus enhancing data accuracy.

For more information about the integration and how it can revolutionise your healthcare management, please contact us.