Automated Medical Records Scanning Solution - DC2Vue Plus

Automated Medical Records Scanning Solutions for Hospitals

Nalaka Withanage Healthcare Digital Transformation

Recognising the role of automated medical records scanning is the initial step towards accelerating consistent, safe, and efficient health care services and enable care virtual healthcare and virtual clinic strategy. Over the years, managing health care records have tremendously improved. Health care professionals can now seamlessly monitor and handle volumes of records electronically. Time is precious when it comes to …

Announcing DC2Vue Care Management Suite v3.8 on Microsoft Azure

Nalaka Withanage Product Updates

As a health and community care provider, you’re constantly challenged to do more with less, improve client outcomes, and ensure compliance while maintaining cost-effectiveness. These challenges require solutions that are adaptable and a technology platform that enable workforce efficiency, client management & engagement…

Is your hospital ready for eDischarge summary and My Health Record?

Nalaka Withanage Healthcare Digital Transformation

Did you know that incompleteness of patients’ discharge summaries shows strong correlations to increased readmission rates to hospital and adverse patient events? This is why accurate and timely completion of Discharge Summary is essential for the patient’s ongoing care. Because it is the primary communication tool for the GP and community. However, if you are to receive the benefits of …

5 Ways Healthcare Technology Is Transforming Care In Australia

How Healthcare CRM Systems & Tech Is Transforming Care in Australia

Nalaka Withanage Healthcare Digital Transformation

Healthcare technology is transforming how we assess, treat and care for patients in Australia. From virtual appointments with specialists during the global pandemic to healthcare CRM solutions to optimise referrals,  hospitals and community care providers are using healthcare technology and electronic health records more than ever before. Let’s take a look at 5 ways technology, software and apps are helping …