Announcing DC2Vue Care Management Suite v3.8 on Microsoft Azure

Nalaka Withanage Product Updates

As a health and community care provider, you’re constantly challenged to do more with less, improve client outcomes, and ensure compliance while maintaining cost-effectiveness. These challenges require solutions that are adaptable and a technology platform that enable workforce efficiency, client management & engagement in a one workspace.

DC2Vue Care Management suite automates workflows and communications to provide integrated intake and assessment, care planning, roster & scheduling, service delivery, billing, and reporting benefits.

Complete care management suite can help you:

  • Organise care team 10x better with smart scheduling & rostering

  • Ensure the care delivery team has secure and flexible access to client records in real-time, from any device at any location

  • Establish care plans which identify an appropriate sequence of actions, timeframes, goals and expected outcomes for better client outcomes.

  • Free yourself from paperwork with our eReferrals & eDischarge summaries

  • Automate Billing, Claiming and Invoicing workflow

  • Enhance patient engagement and improve communications

The platform is extendable and designed to take advantage of the power of Microsoft Azure data, AI, and analytics tools giving care providers a fast, flexible platform that’s responsive to changing business dynamics.

Today, more than 6,000 users leverage the DC2Vue® Care Management Suite to transform care delivery across healthcare settings, including acute, aged, and disability care, and allied and community care.

Test Drive DC2Vue free for 14 days and experience complete care management suite that helps eliminate the complexity, cost and constraints inherit with other solutions.

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